Lakes Entrance and surrounds

Alfesta 2024 will be held in and around Lakes Entrance, approximately 320 kilometres east of Melbourne.Lakes Entrance a Top Town - 99.5 & 99.9 Gippsland's TRFM

A Brief History of Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is one of those bleeding obvious place names. It was named, as the name suggests, because it was the entrance for ocean-going vessels to access the Gippsland Lakes which are the largest navigable inland waterway in Australia. It was originally known as Cunninghame after a family of squatters who settled in the area. The local Gurnaikurnai had a Dreamtime legend explaining the lakes: a frog swallowed all of the world's water. The other animals tried to make the frog surrender the water by making it laugh. All deliberate attempts at humour failed but the sight of the eel standing upright on its tail caused the frog to laugh, the water was disgorged and the subsequent flood is said to have created the lakes.

Boasting Australia's largest inland network of waterways, Lakes Entrance has long been a popular Gippsland holiday spot, especially for young families. Lakes Entrance is situated on the edge of Ninety Mile Beach where the Gippsland Lakes meets the Southern Ocean. The town is well equipped with accommodation, services and facilities for those enjoying their coastal getaway. 

Seaside charm and lakeside living

Cross the footbridge to the popular Ninety Mile Beach, patrolled by lifesavers during the summer months, to enjoy the pristine surf beach. Explore the lakes in a kayak, join a boat cruise or hire a paddleboat and hit the sparkling waters.

Get the gang together and join the local and visiting boating and fishing enthusiasts who flock to Lakes Entrance all year round. Choose from a wide range of accommodation and camping spots that surround the calm lake waters and line the shore of Ninety Mile Beach.

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